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Kamakhya Temple Darshan Booking, Timings, Tickets, Offerings

Kamakhya Temple Guwahati
Kamakhya Temple Guwahati

Kamakhya temple darshan booking is available at the counter within the temple complex. Counter opens at 7 AM in the morning. For Kamakhya temple darshan tickets, There are 2 types of entry –

1) General Queue Entry- Free of Cost
2) VIP Darshan Queue Entry- ₹501 per person
3) For Defence personnel – ₹50 per person

Kamakhya Temple Table of Contents

1. Kamakhya Temple Darshan or Aarti Timings
2. Kamakhya Temple Address & Phone Number
3. Kamakhya Temple History
4. Kamakhya Temple Architecture
5. Significance or Importance or Facts of Kamakhya Temple
6. Dos & Don’ts in Kamakhya Temple
7. List of Festivals celebrated in Kamakhya Temple
8. Ambubachi Mela 2018 Dates & Time
9. Best time to visit Kamakhya Temple
10. How to reach Kamakhya Temple
11. Kamakhya Temple distance from various places
12. Hotels Near Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya temple Darshan or Aarti Timings

Darshan Aarti Darshan Timings
Snana of the Pithasthana 5:30 AM
Nitya Puja 6:00 AM
Temple Door Open for Devotees 8:00 AM
Temple Door closed for Kamakhya Temple Offerings 1:00 PM
Temple door reopens for the devotees 2:30 PM
Aarti of Goddess followed by closing of the temple door for the night 5:30 PM

Kamakhya Temple Address & Enquiry Phone Number

Adress – Kamakhya, Guwahati, Assam 781010

Kamakhya Temple Enquiry Phone Number – 0361-2734655

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Kamakhya temple history –
Kamakhya temple also known as Kamrup Kamakhya is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Goddess Kamakhya, also known as Kali and Maha Tripura Sundari, the granter of desires. It is situated on the Nilachal Hill towards the west of Guwahati city in Assam, India. There are 51 Shakti Peethas – Kamakhya temple being the oldest one.

According to the Kalika Purana, the Kamakhya temple denotes a spot where Goddess Sati used to secretly retire her amour with Lord Shiva and later came into existence when Shiva was carrying the corpse of his wife Sati and her Yoni fell to the ground. It is the spot where the temple stands now.
The Kamakhya temple was the place of Black magic and Tantriks, where animal sacrifies were observed. The temple symbolizes the fusion of faiths and practices of Aryan and non – Aryan elements in Assam. The different names associated with the goddesses are names of local Aryan and non-aryan goddesses.

The Yogini Tantra mentions that the religion of the Yogini Pitha is of Kirata origin (non-Aryan). There existed a tradition among the priests established by Naranarayana that the Garos, a matrilineal people, offered worship at the Kamakhya site by sacrificing pigs.

Kamakhya temple architecture –

The crown of the temple is oval shaped like beehive having 7 sphires, 3 golden pitchers on blossoming lotus, upon that a golden spire having images of Ganesha and other Hindu gods on the outside. The current structural temple was built and renovated many times during the 8th – 17th century that eventually gave rise to an amalgamation of style that is known as Nilachal type: a temple with a hemispherical arch on a cruciform base.

The temple consists of four chambers: Garbhagriha and three Mandapas aligned from the east to west. The steps that lead to the top of the Kamakhya temple at the Nilachal hills are made of huge blocks of stones, evidently taken from a temple of great relic.

The temple has three chambers: Western chamber is rectangular shaped and is not open for the devotees for worship. The middle chamber is square shaped, with a idol of the Goddess. The middle chamber leads to the holy place of the temple in form of a cave that has a natural water spring flowing through the yoni shaped cleft.
The temple was destroyed in the 16th century and then rebuilt by King Nara Narayana of Cooch Bihar in the 17th century and represents the old Ahom sculpture.

Significance or Importance or Facts of kamakhya temple –
Mythology goes on to say that Lord Shiva was critized in front of Goddess Sati, during the yagna organized by her father King Daksha. Goddess Sati couldn’t tolerate her husband’s insult and decided to die. Furious Lord Shiva carries her body while performing the Tandav dance and travels the universe. In the mean while Lord Vishnu came to save the universe from destruction and cut Goddess Sati’s body with his Sudarshan Chakra. All those places where Sati’s body fell, are called Shakti Peethas.
The goddess is worshiped according to the Vamachara (Left-Hand Path) as well as the Dakshinachara (Right-Hand Path) modes of worship. The devotees usually offer flowers to the Goddess, but still believe in animal sacrifices like goats every morning.
A natural spring that flows through the Yoni is considered very auspicious and powerful and is believed to bless with final emancipation that is Moksha. A Tantrik feels incomplete without visiting the temple once in his lifetime as Kamakhya Goddes is the goddess of Tantras.

Dos & Don’ts in Kamakhya Temple

– Cameras & Mobiles are not allowed in inner sanctum of the Kamakhya temple
– Please adhere to traffic rules as the temple is situated in Nilchal hills
– During Durga Puja or important festivals, darshan queues are longer than expected. Hence, please maintain calm and wait for your turn.

List of Festivals celebrated in Kamakhya Temple

Month Festival Name
April Sri Sri Manasha Devi Puthi Opening Ceremony
Chaitra Sangkarnti
Bohag Bihu and Halkhata (Assamese new year day)
May Puja of Sri Sri Grammya Devata
June Satha Brata
Ambubachi Mela
July Daksinayan Sangkranti and Puja of Sri Sri Dakshina Kali Devi
August Sri Sri Manasha Devi Puja and Debaddhani Festival
Lalita Saptami and Puja of Sri Sri Latitakanta Devi
Puja of Sri Sri Joyadurga Devi
August-September Janam Astami (Birth day of Lord Krishna)
Pitri Tarpan
September Sri Sri Manasha Devi Puthi Closing Ceremony
Sri Sri Biswakarma Puja
September-October Nabamyadi Kalparambha
Sharadiya Sri Sri Durga Puja from Krishna Navami to Shukla Navami
October Sri Sri Lakshmi Devi Puja
November Sri Sri Kartik Puja
November-December Dhannya Sedan
December-January Puhan Biya (Marriage Day of Devi Kamakhya)
January Pousha Sangkarnti (Makara Sangkranti)
Sri Sri Ratanti Kali Puja
January-February Sri Sri Ganesh Puja
Sri Sri Saraswati Puja
February-March Maha Shiva Ratri
Gopal Doul (Holi Utsav)
March-Airil Shiva Doul
Durga Doul
Sri Sri Basanti Puja
Sri Sri Raj-Rajaswari Puja (from Chaitra Amavashya to Purnima)

Ambubachi Mela 2018 Dates & Time

Ambubachi Mela 2018 Dates – 22nd June 2018 to 24th June 2018

Temple reopens on 25th June 2018

The Ambubachi Mela, also known as Ambubasi festival is observed during the monsoon season in the Kamakhya temple. During the mela, the doors of the temple remain closed for 3 days for the devotees as well as the pundits. It is believed that the Goddess Kamakhya goes through menstrual cycle, hence the temple remains closed for these 3 days. Devotees in large number wait outside on the fourth days to take blessings of the goddess in form of unique Prasad that is small bits of cloth – part of the angavastra used to cover the goddess’s yoni during the three days of menstruation. The Prasad is considered highly auspicious.
The Ambubachi festival is closely related to the Tantrics and attracts thousands of tantra devotees during the festival.
Almost 20 feet below from the ground level is the most important part of the temple. It is the cave where, a yoni shaped cleft is worshipped with flowers, chunri, sari, sindur and Prasad.
Besides this, a number of other Pujas are also performed in the temple.
These pujas include Durga puja during navratras, Pohan Biya, Durgadeul, Madanduel, Vasanti, and Mansa Puja.

Best time to visit Kamakhya Temple

Although the temple is open 365 days a year, except for 3 days (In the month of June), the best time to visit is from October to April as the weather is pleasant.

How to reach Kamakhya Temple  –

How to reach Kamakhya temple by Train/Rail – The nearest railway station is Guwahati Railway station which is only 8 km away from the temple.

How to reach Kamakhya temple by Air – The nearest airport is Guwahati Airport, Bohjar which is 17 km away from the temple.

How to reach Kamakhya temple by Bus – The nearest bus stand is Kamakhya Gate Bus stop at a distance of 3.5 km from the temple.

Kamakhya Temple distance

For Devotee’s convenience, at Darshan booking we have compiled a list that shows Kamakhya Temple Distance from various places –

Distance from Major Cities Kms & Via
Distance Between Agartala to Kamakhya Temple 559.6 km via NH8 and NH6
Distance Between Aizawal to Kamakhya Temple 486.1 km via NH6
Distance Between Along to Kamakhya Temple 603.2 km via NH15
Distance Between Badarpur Assam to Kamakhya Temple 299.4 km via NH6
Distance Between Bongaigaon to Kamakhya Temple 177.5 km via NH27
Distance Between Bhalukpong to Kamakhya Temple 209.5 km via NH15
Distance Between Bagdogra to Kamakhya Temple 474.1 km via NH27
Distance Between Bhairabkunda to Kamakhya Temple 128.8 km via NH15
Distance Between Bomdila to Kamakhya Temple 306.1 km via Chariduar – Tawang Rd and NH15
Distance Between Chandubi to Kamakhya Temple 52.3 km via Palashbari-Mirza-Loharghat-Rajapara-Chandubi Rd
Distance Between Cherrapunji to Kamakhya Temple 157.3 km via NH6
Distance Between Dimapur to Kamakhya Temple 290.3 km via NH29 and NH27
Distance Between Dhubri to Kamakhya Temple 263.5 km via NH 17
Distance Between Dibrugarh to Kamakhya Temple 476.2 km via NH715 and NH27
Distance Between Digboi City to Kamakhya Temple 535.3 km via NH715
Distance Between Diphu to Kamakhya Temple 250.1 km via NH27
Distance Between Duliajan to Kamakhya Temple 503.7 km via NH715
Distance Between Daranga Assam to Kamakhya Temple 90.7 km via NH127D and NH27
Distance Between Darjeeling to Kamakhya Temple 493.2 km via NH27
Distance Between Gauripur to Kamakhya Temple 255.4 km via NH 17
Distance Between Golaghat to Kamakhya Temple 320.8 km via NH715 and NH27
Distance Between Ghoom to Kamakhya Temple 490.3 km via NH27
Distance Between Guwahati Airport to Kamakhya Temple 17.2 km via NH 17
Distance Between Guwahati Railway Station to Kamakhya Temple 8.0 km via Chhaygaon – Guwahati Rd/Mahapurush Damodardev Path and Kamakhya Mandir Rd
Distance Between Haflong to Kamakhya Temple 335.4 km via NH27
Distance Between Hajo to Kamakhya Temple 26.9 km via NH427
Distance Between Itanagar to Kamakhya Temple 313.4 km via NH15
Distance Between Imphal to Kamakhya Temple 491.1 km via NH2 and NH29
Distance Between Jatinga City to Kamakhya Temple 329.9 km via NH27
Distance Between Jalukbari to Kamakhya Temple 276.4 km via NH15
Distance Between Jorhat to Kamakhya Temple 338.0 km via NH715 and NH27
Distance Between Kaziranga to Kamakhya Temple 225.3 km via NH27
Distance Between Kokrajhar to Kamakhya Temple 217.3 km via NH27
Distance Between Kolkata to Kamakhya Temple 1,018.2 km via NH27
Distance Between Kohima to Kamakhya Temple 357.7 km via NH29 and NH27
Distance Between Kalimpong City to Kamakhya Temple 484.4 km via NH27
Distance Between Lanka to Kamakhya Temple 180.3 km via NH27
Distance Between Lawkhowa to Kamakhya Temple 210.5 km via NH 17
Distance Between Ledo to Kamakhya Temple 556.4 km via NH715
Distance Between Lumding to Kamakhya Temple 216.9 km via NH27
Distance Between Madan Kamdev to Kamakhya Temple 32.7 km via NH27
Distance Between Majuli to Kamakhya Temple 380.2 km via NH715 and NH27
Distance Between Manas to Kamakhya Temple 139.4 km via NH27
Distance Between Margherita to Kamakhya Temple 549.5 km via NH715
Distance Between Mokokchung to Kamakhya Temple 472.9 km via NH715 and NH27
Distance Between Namrup to Kamakhya Temple 481.6 km via NH715
Distance Between North Lakhimpur to Kamakhya Temple 363.2 km via NH15
Distance Between Nagaon to Kamakhya Temple 154.0 km via NH27
Distance Between Nazira to Kamakhya Temple 398.3 km via NH715 and NH27
Distance Between Nameri City to Kamakhya Temple 191.6 km via NH15
Distance Between North Guwahati to Kamakhya Temple 19.0 km via NH27
Distance Between Orang to Kamakhya Temple 100.4 km via NH15
Distance Between Phunchilling to Kamakhya Temple 374 km
Distance Between Pasighat to Kamakhya Temple 555.8 km via NH15
Distance Between Pobitora to Kamakhya Temple 65.3 km via NH27
Distance Between Sivasagar to Kamakhya Temple 394.8 km via NH715 and NH27
Distance Between Silchar to Kamakhya Temple 312.9 km via NH6
Distance Between Shillong to Kamakhya Temple 108.5 km via NH6
Distance Between Siliguri to Kamakhya Temple 466.9 km via NH27
Distance Between Sualkuchi to Kamakhya Temple 25.8 km via SH 41 and NH427
Distance Between Tinsukia to Kamakhya Temple 518.6 km via NH715
Distance Between Tura to Kamakhya Temple 213.7 km via NH217 and NH 17
Distance Between Tezpur to Kamakhya Temple 157.4 km via NH15
Distance Between Thimpu to Kamakhya Temple 512.6 km via NH27
Distance Between Tawang to Kamakhya Temple 476.4 km via NH13
Distance Between Zero to Kamakhya Temple 432.1 km via NH15

Hotels Near Kamakhya Temple

Hotel Vishwaratna

Address Distance from Kamakhya Temple Room Charges*
A T Road Guwahati 6.1 km 2256

Kiranshree Homes

Address Distance from Kamakhya Temple Room Charges*
Lakhtokia/Pan Bazzar Guwahati 3.2 km 1920

Radisson Blu Hotel

Address Distance from Kamakhya Temple Room Charges*
NH 37/City By pass 3.8 km 6006

Hotel Dynasty

Address Distance from Kamakhya Temple Room Charges*
Lakhtokia/Pan Bazaar 6.1 km 2362

Abhisarika Guest Inn

Address Distance from Kamakhya Temple Room Charges*
A T Road Guwahati 6.1 km 1425

Mayur Residency (Pure Veg)

Address Distance from Kamakhya Temple Room Charges*
A T Road Guwahati 6.1 km 1475

* Prices are subject to change

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If you have any query on Kamakhya Temple, please leave your comment below, we will get back to you at the earliest.

FAQs on Kamakhya Temple Guwahati

Q. What are the Kamakhya Temple Timings?

A: The Kamakhya Temple Opening & Closing timings are as below :

  • Kamakhya Temple Morning Timings
  • Daily from 0800 hrs to 1300 hrs
  • Kamakhya Temple Evening Timings
  • Daily from 1430 hrs to 1730 hrs

Q. Why Kamakhya temple is closed for 3 days in a Year?

A: The Kamakhya Temple is closed for 3 days in a Year in the ocassion of Ambubachi Mela in Guwahati.The doors of Kamakhya temple is closed for three daysas it is believed that the mother earth becomes unclean for the three days

Q. Is Mobile allowed in Kamakhya temple?

A: Yes, devotees are allowed to use the Mobile phones in Kamakhya Temple.Even though they are allowed because of the flow of devotees you won’t be able to use it. Devotees are not allowed to take any pictures inside the temple.

Q. How can I go to Kamakhya temple from Guwahati?

A: The distance between Guwahati Railway Station to Kamakhya Temple is 8 Kms.Devotees can reach the temple by several auto-rickshaws, metred taxis, and buses.

Q. How many steps are there in Kamakhya temple?

A: There are around 150 steps to reach the top of the Nilachal Hill and the Kamakhya temple complex.

Q. Is Online VIP Darshan booking available in Kamakhya Temple Guwahati?

A: Devotees have to get Kamakhya Temple VIP darshan ticket from counter only which opens in the morning at around 7:00 A.M. Kamakhya Temple Charges are Rs. 500/- per devotee.Then after purchasing Kamakhya Temple ticket, you will get darshan in next 1 hour.

Q. What should I wear in Kamakhya temple?

A: In Kamakhya Temple the dress code is formal as in other Hindu Temples. Devotees can enter the temple without covering the head but your shoulders and legs is a must be covered as in other hindu temples.

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    • Dear Sir,

      Its a Vijay Dashmi day celebrations at Maa Kamakhya Mandir and darshan tickets are not available now. Only general queue entry is possible that is free of cost. Devotees will be in large number so we would suggest to reach very early so that you get in to the queue easily.

      Do let us know if you need any further info regarding this.


        • Dear Sir,

          Temple will close early on 29th September at around 04:00 PM and open the next day between 6 AM to 7 AM. Normally it depends upon the pooja and rush at that time of the day. Since its a festival time, these timings may differ.


    • We plan to reach Guwahati on 1st feb around 4 pm.. Can we get VIP darshan tickets on 1st feb evening around 5 pm or you suggest that we go on 2nd feb morning. What time are VIP tickets available on Feb 2nd 2018. appreciate a reply tx

    • Dear VINAY GUPTA,

      As you want to visit the Kamakhya Temple on 23-24-25/01/2018. The temple opens in the morning from 6 AM to till the time of sunset in the evening. The temple closes in the afternoon from 1 PM to 2:30 PM for being the Bhoog offered to the Goddess Kamakhya Devi.

      Sir , it is advisable to book vip tickets for darshan from VIP queue to avoid the rush in the month of January. The Morning & Evening timings for VIP Queue Entry is :
      Morning : 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM
      Evening : 14:30 PM to 15:30 PM

      We have also integrated Darshan Booking Tool in our website. In this tool devotees can check Temple Darshan Timings, Pooja & Darshan Tickets if available and accommodation facilities with address & phone number.


    • Hi Saurabb,

      The Kamakhya Temple Darshan Timings for Defence Personnel will be same as for the common people. There will be different entry line for Defence Personnel. The temple opens early in the morning when the sun rises to till the time of sunset in the evening. Also defence personnels can get Kamakhya Temple Darshan Tickets for the same day from temple counter.

      Do let us know if you need any further info regarding this.


  • want to visit on 26/05/2018, is this a good time to visit? how much rush we can expect at that time, can we book pass for Rs.501 and avoid the queue? actually i am claustrophobic and cant face the mob, please advise, I am very keen for the Darshan.

    • Dear Ms. Susana Roy Chowdhury,

      Yes, it is best time to visit Kamakhya Temple. Madam you can get the VIP Darshan Queue Entry Pass ₹501 per person from the counter available in the temple premises. No, online booking of darshan tickets is available for Kamakhya Temple. Devotees can get the darshan tickets for the same day from temple ticket counter.

      Please let me know if you need any more help.

      Amitabh Dixit

    • Hi Doma,

      Yes, there are many hotels and accommodations are available near Kamakhya Temple. Devotees can get 1 Star, 2 Star , 3 Star and 4 star hotels according to there choices. You can also book hotels near kamakhya temple online with net banking or by credit card. You can also visit this places or attractions near kamakhya temple as below :

      1) Purva Tirupati Shri Balaji temple (5.9 km from Kamakhya Temple)
      2) Umananda Temple (5.2 km from Kamakhya Temple)
      3) Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary (4.9 km from Kamakhya Temple)
      4) Alfresco Grand (3.1 km from Kamakhya Temple)
      5) Fancy Bazar (3.9 km from Kamakhya Temple)
      6) Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary (5.1 km from Kamakhya Temple)
      7) ISKCON Guwahati (6.7 km from Kamakhya Temple)
      8) Guwahati Planetarium (3.7 km from Kamakhya Temple)
      9) Brahmaputra River (5.5 km from Kamakhya Temple)
      10) Assam State Zoo (7.2 km from Kamakhya Temple)
      11) Accoland (5 km from Kamakhya Temple)

      Do let us know if you need any further info regarding this.


  • I wish to darshan kamakhya mother on 7/04/2018. Is that day any special day?.which time is better for less crowd? Can Vip ticket lessen the darshan time? Pls suggest

    • Hi Subhasis,

      No as per i know this day is not any special day .It is a normal day like other days. As you want to have Kamakhya Temple Darshan with your mother the best time is the morning time. You can get the Kamakhya Temple VIP Darshan Tickets from the temple counter for the same day. Yes, the VIP Darshan tickets will save your darshan time. There will be different entry queue for devotees with vip darshan tickets.


      • Hello Amitabh,
        I need help for VIP darshan tickets as u am coming with my old parents and will reach by 3 pm to 4 pm on 29th March.

        How can I get it.
        Whether I can hire some priest who can get the que jumped.

        Please guide me.

        Can you call me @9891005555

        • Hi Monish Kapoor Ji,

          Sorry for the late Reply. Sir you can get the VIP Darshan Tickets from the ticket counter of the temple. As told by you will reach the temple by 4 PM evening on 29th March. You can collect the VIP Tickets from the Temple Counter. But the best time for temple darshan is the morning time. There will no much rush and devotees can get easily darshan of Goddess Kamakhya.

          There will no advance online or Offline booking of VIP tickets. You can only collect vip tickets for the same day from the temple counter. It depends on you whether you need any priest or Pandit for puja.

          Please let me know if you need any more help.



      yes it is possible to do puja in the evening but before the sunset. The darshan and pooja of the Kamakhya Temple is closed during sunset. The timings of sunset is differs in Summer and Winter. For more information you can contact the counter of the temple for closing timings of the temple.

      In case any more query please let me know.


  • ‘ The face of Kamakhya Maa is seen only once in 15 years’ : Is this true? If yes, how does Mata’s idol look like?

    • Dear Jayashree Ji,

      There isn’t any such official information regarding the same. We are still searching for this info and even trying to contact the concerned person at Kamakhya Temple to enquire about the same. We will keep this post updated as soon as we hear back from them.

      Do let us know if you need any other info about visiting this temple or planning your visit there.


  • is online booking is available for special darsan please ( VIP Darshan Queue Entry- ₹501 per person)

    • Dear asss d prasad,

      Sorry Sir, You can’t book Kamakhya Temple VIP Tickets Online . Temple does not provides devotees to book vip tickets online. Devotees can get the ( VIP Darshan Queue Entry- ₹501 per person) from the temple counter . The best time to get VIP Darshan Queue Entry Tickets is in the early morning as there will be not much rush in the temple.

    • Dear K G Aadhisheshan,

      It is a venture of ATDC ( Assam tourism development corporation). You are not able to do online booking of the Prasanthi lodge. For booking accommodation you have to call them . The contact number of the Prasanthi lodge is 0361-2633654.


  • Can you please inform me that when the VIP ticket counter opens in the morning in the month of September? And till what time it remains open?

    • Hi Aritra Bhattacharjya,

      The VIP ticket counter opens early in the morning. It opens around 6 am but varies depending on the weather. You can get the VIP Ticket from the same counter. The temple opens in the morning from 6 AM to till the time of sunset in the evening. The temple closes in the afternoon from 1 PM to 2:30 PM for being the Bhoog offered to the Goddess Kamakhya Devi.

      We have also integrated Darshan Booking Tool in our website. In this tool devotees can check Temple Darshan Timings, Pooja & Darshan Tickets if available and accommodation facilities with address & phone number.


      • Thanks a lot for your reply . Can I get the Holly cloth provided from temple at the time of Ambubachi when the temple get open again.
        I will be highly obliged and thankful on getting information how to get that Holly cloth from Ma Kamakhya Temple.

      • I am very much eager to get Maha Prasad Bogh from Ma Kamakhya Temple .  How can I get Maha Prasad High from Ma Kamakhya Temple.

        • Hi Aritra Bhattacharjya,

          Yes you can buy the Maha Prasad Bhog itself from the Temple. You have to pay some money for Bhog or Prasad. For more information you have to contact the ticket counter or have to call the official contact number of Kamakhya Temple.



  • I will be visiting the temple on 14th Oct during Navratri. I will reach by 4:30, do you think I can get the darshan around that time

  • Sir,
    I would like to know the process to make deposit of mobile phone and bags etc. Is there any secure locker available.

    Thank you.

    • Dear Pulak Ji,
      Yes you can able to deposit your mobile phones & other items which are not allowed in temple. There is locker facility to deposit items for which you have to pay some initial amount. For more information you can contact the temple ticket counter .

      In case any query please let me know.


      • Sir I am visiting Kamakha temple on 31st Oct first we need to visit Umananda temple or we can visit there after having Darshan in Kamakha Mandir

  • My wife had been done both knee replacement, whether she can reach temple without trouble.,?she can done all work slowly

    • Jai Kamakhya Maa Ravi Lavania,

      Sir yes you can reach easily Kamakhya Temple with your wife without any much hassle. Also there are temple authorities which can guide you to reach temple and also they also provide wheel chair if available.

      Please let me know if there is any query.

  • I wish to visit the temple on Chaitra Sangkranti i.e. 14/4/19. What crowd can I expect being a Sunday and Chaitra Sangkranti? How can I get the VIP tickets online as I will be reaching Guwahati at around 8:30am?

  • Is there on line booking facility for kamakhya devi vip darsan ticket.If so how.pl let me the procedure.

  • I would like to inform you, We are coming for Maa Kamakhya Devi Darshan on date 06 April 2021. We have a group size of 47 Persons.

    Kindly advise us for Darshan booking for the same. How can we booking for Darshan. We are arriving at 03:00 PM dated : 06 April 2021.

    Tapan Khurana

  • Hello,

    I hope this will find you in good time. My parents are going to Tezpur via Delhi on 27th Feb 2022.

    They will reach Guwahati at 9:00 am and will have the next flight @ 1:00 pm. Can they visit Devi temple. Please let me know and guide me.

    Warm Regards,

    Dr Shailesh Sharma